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The main activity of our company

For nearly 15 years, AMK Proces has been supplying the market with technologically advanced solutions in automation and robotization of production processes, -focused on improving and optimizing the work of enterprises – work for the success of our clients and partners.

We are a team with many years of experience, supported by extensive practice in the implementation of projects. We offer services in the field of technological design for industrial automation systems, measurement systems, comprehensive project management as well as consulting and process optimization services. The main area of our activity is servicing automotive, chemical and furniture industries. We also run projects for many others companies that use industrial automation systems in their production.

Automatyka i robotyka

Systemy sterowania

Inżynieria procesowa

Stanowiska produkcyjne

We provide high standard turn-key services for the construction of robotic stations
and production lines as well as production management systems.

We provide support at every stage of the investment process – from design to
delivery and commissioning of a robotic line and production stations at the
customer’s site. We provide service throughout the entire product life cycle: from
the initial implementation period to many years of operation.

  • Automation and robotics
  • Industrial electricity
  • Process engineering
  • Production stations
  • Process simulation
  • Three-dimensional models of all elements included in the robotized production line
  • Optimal layout of all components
  • Selection of robots and system tools
  • Robot reach-range testing
  • Collision-free paths planning
  • Service points defining
  • Robot trajectory optimization
  • Adapting the application to the customer’s standards

Our projects

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